Easishot Portable Unit

  • Fan-shaped melamine backboard
  • 35” x 25” (90cm x 60cm)
  • White with red and black details
  • 18” Steel ring (45cm)
  • 5’ to 10’ (1.5m to 3.05m
  • Telescopic system
  • 3-piece steel
  • Padding: Yes
  • Blow moulded HDPE to be filled with 26kg of sand or 14 litres of water
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The Easiest unit is an extremely popular unit for use at home for children who are developing their basketball ability as it can be adjusted to any height between 5’ and 10’. Easy to assemble and very lightweight with wheels on the base makes this unit perfect for transporting and suited for the demands of schools regarding storage.

The Easiest comes with a strong fan-shaped melamine backboard measuring 35” x 24” (90cm x 60cm) with white finish and red and black details. Including an 18” (45cm) solid steel ring with a white 12-loop nylon net, this unit is suitable for full-size basketballs.

The backboard and ring are set on a sturdy steel pole with pole padding included for added player safety during play. The ballast requires 26kg of sand or 14 litres of water to ensure stability when in use – with wheels for easy movement.

The Easiest unit is approved by Basketball England and therefore is complete with a Basketball England logo on the backboard.


Product Codes Product Price  
63553-NP EB backboard £137.54
63553R-NP Coloured Backboard £137.54
63553ACR-NP Acrylic Backboard £151.55