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Fastime 27 80 Lap Mem

  • 80 Lap Memory
  • large Display with dual countdown timers and Pacer
  • Functions Include:
    • Stopwatch
    • Dual Countdown Timer
    • Pacer
    • Time of Day/Date
    • Alarm.

£21.79 (inc. VAT £26.15)

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80 Lap Memory large Display with dual countdown timers and Pacer. Battery hatch for an easy battery change.

Size: Length: 85mm, Width: 64mm Depth: 24mm, Digits: 6mm

Functions Include: Stopwatch, Dual Countdown Timer, Pacer, Time of Day/Date, Alarm.

Stopwatch: Has a 4 Row display showing the Lap counter, Cumulative Split Time, Lap Split Time and the cumulative running time. Measures up to 9 hours 59 minutes 59.99 seconds to 1/100th second. 80 recallable Cumulative and lap split times can be stored in the memory. Best, Slowest and average Lap Times are also shown.

Data in memory can be reviewed during stopwatch timing and after the stopwatch has been reset. Data in memory is only erased when the stopwatch is started for the next timing session.

Dual Repeating Countdown Timer: Any preset time can be entered up to 9 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds. Set the times for timer 1 and Timer 2. When Timer 1 reaches Zero the timer give 4 beeps and timer 2 starts when T1 reaches Zero. Similarly when T2 reaches zero T1 starts counting down and the counter shows the number of coundown cycles completed. If only one timer is used, the timer will repeat when it reaches Zero and the counter shows the number of countdown cycles completed.

Pacer: Set the pacer to the required frequency per minute. You can choose from 20,3040,60,80,120,160,200,220,240 and 320. The display shows the Frequency chosen, and the number of elapsed frequencies.

Time of Day/Alarm: Display shows the Day, The alarm set time, the date – day month year, and the time of day in 12/24 hour options.

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