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£735.63 (inc. VAT £882.76)

Feeelap Swim Pack

£735.63 (inc. VAT £882.76)

Pack Includes:

  • 1 x FXSwim
  • 1 x swim belt
  • Freelap TX H20 Pro
  • Swim Vest
  • Satchel Bag Small
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The FxSwim transponder lets you record and watches your time and heart rate live throughout the training.

The Swim Belt is used in association with the FxSwim transponder and the Swim Vest, Thanks to its electrodes, this belt lets you measure all the beats of the swimmer’s heart during the training.

The Swim Vest is made to maintain your Swim Belt and your FxSwim.

Freelap TX H20 Pro is completely wireless and automatic, this transmitter lets you obtain precisely your lap times and rest times.

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