Promat Inclined Wedge

  • Designed for Gymnastics, Pilates and Yoga exercises
  • Assists with gymnastic moves including rolls, handstand, cartwheels, handsprings and backflips
  • For Gym and home training use
  • Made from high-density PU Foam
  • Heavy-duty flame-retardant PVC Cover
  • An anti-slip base for extra stability
  • Comes with carrying handles for easier transportation
  • Colours: Small Red Top & Bottom, Yellow sides, Large Blue Top & Bottom, Yellow Sides
  • Small 120cm x 60cm x 25cm high
  • Large 160cm x 100cm x 58cm high
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The Promat™ Inclined Wedges are designed to aid in the development of fundamental Tumbling skills and moves. The decline angle is useful for helping the development of standing tucks allowing for a split-second extra rotation, which gives confidence when learning these new skills.

The incline wedge comes in 2 sizes, the smaller incline assists with the same activities as the large incline but more suited for younger gymnasts. Both wedges are made from a high-density, shock absorbing PU foam which is wrapped in a heavy-duty flame-retardant PVC cover for durability.


Each wedge has a carry handle on each side for easy transportation.




The wedge comes in 2 sizes, the different sizes help with different activities such as forward and backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels and handsprings backflips.



  • Small Inclined Wedge – 120cm x 60cm x 25cm high
  • Large Inclined Wedge – 160m x 100m x 58cm high
Product Codes Size Price  
IW-S Small 120cm x 60cm x 25cm high £84.98
IW-L Large 160cm x 100cm x 58cm high £257.5

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