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RST Tape Measures


  • Fibreglass Tape/Open Case
  • Steel tape/Closed Case
  • Fibreglass Tape/Closed Case
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We hold a large range of High-Quality RST Tape Measures in stock. Tapes available include:

Fibreglass Tape / Closed Case
  • RDM21 –  10M fibreglass closed
  • RDM23 –  20M fibreglass closed
  • RDM24 –  30M fibreglass closed
  • RDM25 –  50M fibreglass closed
Steel tape / Closed Case
  • RKM930 –  30M steel closed
  • RKM950 –  50M steel closed
Fibreglass Tape / Open Case
  • RKM71030 –  30M fibreglass open
  • RKM71050 –  50M fibreglass open
  • RKM71000 –  100M fibreglass open

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