We offer a range of Wheel Away Covers for High Jump, Pole Vault and Sand Pit Areas. The covers not only offer protection from the UK weather but also provide a good level of security against vandalism and theft. The main features of our wheel away covers include:-

  • Covers have a welded ‘Space Frame’ construction utilising mild steel tubing
  • Cladding is made from 0.7mm thick electro-galvanized steel profiled sheeting and finished with a coating of epoxy paint
  • For ease of maneuverability, two 28mm dia. swivel castors and two 28mm dia. fixed castors that have a rubber tyre and steel centre are fitted to each section
  • Castors for the High Jump and Pole Vault covers have a jacking facility that allows the cover to be lowered flush to the ground, which helps prevent rodents/small animals getting into the cover or vandals setting fire to the bed from underneath
  • All covers have strong tubular steel handles fitted to each section for safe and easy handling

Wheel Away Cover

For more information on our wheel away covers or for a bespoke quote please contact us today. Click here to view the Wheel Away Cover product sheet.