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  • Cantabrian Collapsible Hurdle

    Cantabrian Collapsible Hurdle

    £52.00 (inc. VAT £62.40)
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  • Cantabrian Spring Back Hurdles

    Cantabrian Spring Back Hurdles

    £49.95£59.95 (inc. VAT £59.94)
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  • Competition Aluminum Starting Block

    Polanik Competition Aluminum Starting Block

    £182.00 (inc. VAT £218.40)
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  • Comet Alu 800 flex 11.4

    Nordic Comet Alu Javelins

    £67.26£80.49 (inc. VAT £80.71)
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  • Freelap Pro Coach

    Freelap Pro Coach

    £1,350.00 (inc. VAT £1,620.00)
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  • Winners 4

    Winners Podium

    £320.00£1,000.00 (inc. VAT £384.00)
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Athletics Direct is a leading UK manufacturer and distributor of high-performance athletics equipment and fitness equipment. Our extensive range of track and field equipment covers a range of sporting events including javelin,high jump, hurdles and many more. In addition, our range of professional fitness equipment is ideal for multi-purpose training either at home or in your local gym or leisure centre.

At Athletics Direct, our range of track and field equipment can be used for both training and competition purposes. We also have a full range of training aids to help improve agility, strength and speed. We supply athletic equipment to a number of Schools, Athletics Clubs, Stadiums and Leisure Centres, and offer bespoke pricing packages for high volume orders.

At Athletics Direct, we recognise that our customers have specific requirements and offer the highest quality products at affordable prices. For more information about our range of athletics equipment or for a bespoke quote please contact us today.

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