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Gymnastics Equipment

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    ActivSoft Wedges

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  • F4S-3

    ActivSoft Vaulting Boxes

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  • LBB050-3-Benches-1024x1024

    Niels Larsen Traditional Balance Benches

    £170.56£280.80 (inc. VAT £204.67)
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  • Niels Larsen ActivBench Balance Bench

    Niels Larsen ActivBench Balance Bench

    £150.00£806.00 (inc. VAT £180.00)
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  • LBL900-Litabenches

    Niels Larsen Lita Bench

    £300.00£1,240.00 (inc. VAT £360.00)
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  • LRE020-1024x1024

    Niels Larsen Senior Springboard

    £289.00 (inc. VAT £346.80)
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  • LRE010-1024x1024

    Niels Larsen Springboard

    £219.00 (inc. VAT £262.80)
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  • juniorspringboard-1024x1024

    Niels Larsen Junior Springboard

    £85.00 (inc. VAT £102.00)
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  • LBX940-Vaulting-box-1024x1024

    Niels Larsen Vaulting Box

    £758.16£941.20 (inc. VAT £909.79)
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  • activevault-1024x1024

    ActivVault Vaulting Box

    £431.60 (inc. VAT £517.92)
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  • LBX036-1024x1024

    Niels Larsen Bar Box

    £650.00£920.40 (inc. VAT £780.00)
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  • it057856

    Niels Larsen Vaulting Buck

    £518.96£566.80 (inc. VAT £622.75)
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  • LAT170-tables

    Niels Larsen Agility Tables

    £295.00£600.00 (inc. VAT £354.00)
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  • PGK010-1024x1024

    Niels Larsen Agility Set – 10 Piece

    £850.00 (inc. VAT £1,020.00)
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  • PGK050-1024x1024

    Niels Larsen Agility Set – 5 Piece

    £525.00 (inc. VAT £630.00)
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  • LMP100-Balance-bar

    Niels Larsen Floor Balance Bar

    £145.00£170.00 (inc. VAT £174.00)
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  • activsegmented-1024x1024

    ActivSoft Segmented Balance Beam

    £205.00 (inc. VAT £246.00)
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  • ACT950-ActiveSoftbeam-1024x1024

    ActivSoft Beam

    £110.00 (inc. VAT £132.00)
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  • LGT010-1024x1024

    Niels Larsen Gym Time Trestles

    £52.83£163.71 (inc. VAT £63.40)
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  • LGT130-1024x1024

    Niels Larsen Gym Time Support Pack

    £35.00 (inc. VAT £42.00)
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  • LGT900-1024x1024

    Niels Larsen Complete Gym Time Pack

    £1,895.00 (inc. VAT £2,274.00)
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  • LGT600-1024x1024

    Niels Larsen Key Stage 1 Gym Time Pack

    £1,200.00 (inc. VAT £1,440.00)
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  • LGT300-Gym-Centre-1024x1024

    Niels Larsen Gym Centre Indoor Climbing Frame

    £0.00£1,955.00 (inc. VAT £0.00)
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Gymnastics Equipment

Athletics Direct supply a complete range of Gymnastics Equipment fit for children aged from 6 to 15.

Our range includes everything from a selection of benches. From your traditional wooden benches to new aluminium benches that are lightweight.

We also have various springboards. This different sizes relate to age categories going from junior to adult.

Furthermore we have a wide range of vaulting boxes and bars, these go perfectly with our agility tables and springboards.

For those looking for a complete ready made package we also have a few options to offer. These are the ideal solution for leisure centres and schools.

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Athletics Direct