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Training Aids

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  • TR511_12_13_14_15#A39F

    Precision PT Rubber Medicine Balls

    £15.23£29.35 (inc. VAT £18.28)
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  • Soft Plyometric-Box

    Foam Plyometric Boxes

    £750.00 (inc. VAT £900.00)
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  • Plyometric Platform

    Plyometric Platform

    £87.00£475.00 (inc. VAT £104.40)
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  • tr564_hurdles_20140610_1081452631

    Adjustable Hurdles

    £48.83 (inc. VAT £58.60)
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  • Bounce Back Hurdles

    Bounce Back Hurdles

    £48.83£53.55 (inc. VAT £58.60)
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  • agility hurdles web

    Precision Agility Hurdles

    £4.73£7.88 (inc. VAT £5.68)
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  • tr322_markers_20140610_1237284749

    Pro Small Rubber Marker Discs

    £31.08 (inc. VAT £37.30)
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  • tr424_markers_20130520_1230999634

    Pro Flat Round Markers

    £15.96 (inc. VAT £19.15)
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  • tr423_markers_20130520_1102798524

    Multi-Colour Flat round Markers

    £15.96 (inc. VAT £19.15)
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  • tr578_multi-jump_trainer_20140610_1414646129

    Multi-Jump Trainer

    £9.49 (inc. VAT £11.39)
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  • tr714_leg_toner_alt2_20140610_1815936026

    Leg Toner

    £10.58 (inc. VAT £12.70)
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  • Javeline practice ball (3)

    Javelin Throwing Balls

    £5.00£7.50 (inc. VAT £6.00)
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  • tr576_evasion_belt_new_20140610_1987062000

    Evasion Belt

    £7.90 (inc. VAT £9.48)
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  • tr481_resistor_belt_20140610_1964191204

    Pro Quick-Release Belt

    £15.96 (inc. VAT £19.15)
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  • TR731

    Precision Over Speed Trainer

    £15.75 (inc. VAT £18.90)
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  • TR730

    Precision Training Speed Sled

    £47.25 (inc. VAT £56.70)
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  • TR574

    Precision Training Parachute

    £25.12 (inc. VAT £30.14)
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  • TR573

    Precision Training Power Speed Resistor

    £16.77 (inc. VAT £20.12)
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  • TR572_569_724#6BAC

    Precision Speed Ladder

    £12.52£33.55 (inc. VAT £15.02)
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  • tr594_ladder_20130520_1559894185

    Adjustable Speed Ladder

    £18.35 (inc. VAT £22.02)
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  • tr725_ladder_20140610_1663373178

    Indoor Speed Agility Ladder

    £22.52 (inc. VAT £27.02)
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  • tr403_agility_hoops_20140610_1778879010 web

    Speed Agility Hoops

    £18.48 (inc. VAT £22.18)
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  • tr706_agility_hoops_20140610_2000900031

    Speed Agility Interlocked Hoops

    £19.57 (inc. VAT £23.48)
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  • TR582-X12

    Precision Training Boundary Poles

    £13.65£44.10 (inc. VAT £16.38)
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  • Precision Training Speed Agility Kits

    Precision Training Speed Agility Kits

    £63.00£118.13 (inc. VAT £75.60)
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  • TR702_01_565#6FB5

    Precision Training Collapsible Cones – Sets of 4

    £4.20£9.72 (inc. VAT £5.04)
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  • TR666

    Precision PT Traffic Cones (Set of 4)

    £4.86£19.44 (inc. VAT £5.83)
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  • TR652

    Precision PT Mini Pro Cones (Set of 60)

    £11.55 (inc. VAT £13.86)
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  • TR567

    Precision Training Speed Agility Cone Set

    £15.75 (inc. VAT £18.90)
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  • TR580_cone_set_new

    Precision Training Agility Hurdle Cone Set

    £39.38 (inc. VAT £47.26)
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  • fitnessnew_56549_0_0

    Spikey Ball Massage Stick

    £12.00 (inc. VAT £14.40)
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  • Cantabrian Throw Aids

    Cantabrian Throw Aid

    £21.89£29.29 (inc. VAT £26.27)
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  • trb590_rope_20140610_1125673180

    Leather Skipping Rope

    £11.76 (inc. VAT £14.11)
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  • Speed Rope

    Speed Rope

    £5.25 (inc. VAT £6.30)
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  • tr708_balance_board_action_20140610_1473806018

    Balance Board

    £10.08 (inc. VAT £12.10)
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  • Foam roller - purple

    Foam Massage Roller

    £15.00 (inc. VAT £18.00)
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Training Aids

At Athletics Direct we understand how important training is for whatever the sport is that you play. We have therefore developed our range of training aids to encompass every sport.

Our speed and agility training aids products will enable quick improvements and cover a wide variety of exercises. From our belts, to parachutes to sleds, you will quickly improve your speed.

When it comes to agility we have a wide selection of ladders, hoops, poles, hurdles and more!

We also have throwing aid products for perfecting throwing techniques in training sessions with your coach and alone.

If there is a particular product not listed please get in touch with us and we will look to help you out.


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