Activate Jumbo Mix

Pack contains a wide variety of products, including:

  • Space Hoppers
  • Bats and Balls
  • skipping ropes
  • badminton rackets
  • hoops
  • Cheerleading equipment

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It is generally recognized that children need to be encouraged to become more active and the ideal times for this, outside formal P.E. lessons, are break times and lunchtimes.

The Activate Mix bags provide an extensive range of activities which will motivate children by providing a range of exciting equipment suitable for all skill levels and in sufficient quantity to enable all to participate.

The scheme provides the following advantages:
• Increases activity levels
• Improves behaviour by channelling energy into movement
• Helps to address problem of isolation and social exclusion by offering group activities
• Encourages responsibility
• Opportunity to practice new skills learned in P.E. lessons.

Having a wide range of different activities available in the playground and being able to try out different skills encourages participation and allows children to burn off excess energy and be more receptive in class.