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Centrefold 25 Rollaway


  • Selected for many major events, including the World Championships in Manchester and the ITTF Pro Tour Finals.
  • 25mm ‘Anti-Skid’ playing top, gives more consistent and true bounce and providing the highest level of playing surface.
  • Protected by a strong steel frame with magenta corner pieces.
  • Supported by a heavy-duty undercarriage
  • Large, strong 125mm wheels for easier transportation and longer life.
  • Wheel brakes on each half for safety
  • Wheelchair friendly — 400mm distance between the end of the table and first leg in accordance with Paralympics requirements.
  • Height adjusters on each leg to ensure level playing surface.
  • Double security system with safety lock
  • Heavy-duty fold and wheel away Space Saver system
  • Designed for economic storage
  • ITTF — approved
  • Conforms to and certificate issued for the new Central European Norm (CEN) safety regulations: EN 14468-1
  • Attractive green playing top with matching light silver legs and undercarriage
  • Blue top available to order — allow approximately 8 weeks for delivery
  • 5 years guarantee (table only)
  • Ready assembled
  • Delivery: 5 — 7 working days with a two-man specialist delivery service
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With the 25mm Anti-Skid feature, the Butterfly Centrefold is the market leader. It is a heavy-duty match table with a stylish design for use in clubs, sports centres and for international match use. It incorporates the Space Saver system, which is the easiest and most convenient way of moving and storing your table.

The Centrefold Rollaway is used by the following Premier Division British Clubs: Drumchapel (Glasgow), Sycamore (Nottingham), Ormesby (Teesside), Cardiff City, Kingfisher (Reading)

Butterfly Anti Skid

The special surface increases the consistency and reliability of the bounce to accommodate both topspin and chop. It reduces the skid and gives you more confidence to play your shots.

Wheelchair Friendly

The Butterfly Centrefold Rollaway and Space Saver tables have been designed to accommodate players who use wheelchairs. The distance between the end of the table and the 1st leg and bar is increased to 400mm in accordance with the Paralympic requirements.


In use : 9’ long x 5’ wide x 2’ 6” high (275 x 153 x 77cm)

Storage : 5’ 3” high x 5’ wide x 1’ 7” deep (159 x 153 x 48cm)

Unpacked weight : 127kg

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