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£52.00 (inc. VAT £62.40)

Fastime 14X 500 Lap Memory Stopwatch

£52.00 (inc. VAT £62.40)

  • Professional – 500 Cum/lap Segmented Memory
  • Repeating Countdown/up Timer
  • Pacer
  • Speed Conversion
  • Stroke Rate
  • Alarm
  • Time.
  • Length: 80mm, Width: 60mm Depth: 18mm, Digits: 6mm
SKU: FAST 14X Category:


The Fastime 14X is a 500-lap segmented memory triple-display stopwatch.

The key feature of this stopwatch is the enabling of the lap and cumulative split times for each event to be stored in the stopwatch’s memory as one segment. The Fastime 14X stopwatch shows the date of the event at the start of the segment.

Functions of the Fastime 14X Stopwatch

Measures up to 9hrs 59mins 59secs 99/100ths sec. The triple display shows the lap counter, last lap split, last cumulative split, and cumulative running time.

500 cumulative and split times can be stored in memory as segments with the fastest, slowest and average times identified. The time out (start, stop, resume) function is also included.

Data Recall
The lower row will display the segmented time number, and the middle row and top row display the year, month, and day. The segmented time number stands for the serial number of stored data. The biggest serial number is the final memory, and the smallest is the first memory.

When the required segment is selected, press the recall button consecutively to read through all the laps and split times within each segment.

Dual Countdown Timer
Maximum setting 9hr 59min 59sec, the display shows both timers COUNTING DOWN TIME. Alarm sounds at the end of each countdown down. The two timers can be linked.

Pacer Function
The pacer value can be adjusted from 10 to 320 PACES per minute. The pacer function works in set periods (e.g. 10, 20, 30, and so on). The display shows the PACER FREQUENCY and BEEP COUNTER ELAPSED. Use this function to set and measure a required number of actions per minute.

Time of Day and Alarm Display
Hour, minute, seconds time of day with 12/24 hour option. Year, month, day date, and auto calendar.

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