Primary Athletics Kit

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The Primary Athletic Kit is a perfect introduction to sports hall activities. The kit offers a range of jumping, running and throwing events that are suitable for primary school children of all abilities. It is designed to develop core skills including agility, balance and coordination. The kit includes:

  • Bag
  • Junior Standing Long Jump,
  • 3 Lightweight Datum Mats,
  • PAK Wedge with Flap,
  • Vertical Jump (PAK),
  • 4 Foam Javelins,
  • 1Kg Vinyl Medicine Ball,
  • Football – Size 4,
  • 10m Graduated Measuring Mat,
  • Balance Beam,
  • Flexible Marker Discs (set of 40)
  • 2 Stopwatches,
  • 2 Whistles,
  • Sportshall Handbook,
  • Sportshall DVD,
  • Wall Chart,
  • Activity Cards,
  • Eveque Ring Binder,
  • Pack of 50 Certificates,
  • Pack of 50 Personal Score Cards,
  • Target Hoops Set (inc bag),
  • 20 Bean Bags,
  • Hi Stepper.

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