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Jordan TufNut


  • 40KG: Side to side — 1110mm, Inner diameter — 590mm & Height — 360mm
  • 60KG: Side to side — 1210mm, Inner diameter — 640mm & Height — 390mm
  • 80KG: Side to side — 1310mm, Inner diameter — 690mm & Height — 420mm
  • 100KG: Side to side — 1410mm, Inner diameter — 740mm & Height — 450mm


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There are six sides to this innovative story. In fact, it’s just the right shape to help you get into the right shape. TufNut gives you all the challenges of a tyre with all the control you want. There are straps on various faces — and various weights are available – so you can jump, flip, roll, lift, push, pull and walk until your heart and muscles are content.

And we don’t call it TufNut for anything. With a hexagonal sturdy steel frame surrounded by super resilient foam and covered with a strong PVC cover, it can take as much as you can give.

So imagine one bit of kit for a complete, killer workout with complete control, stability and safety. TufNut takes tyre training to a new level, indoors or out. Come and have a go if you think you’re tough enough.

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