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  • Sale! Space master

    Polanik Space Master Javelin

    £189.00£236.00 £170.10£212.40 (inc. VAT £204.12)
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  • Sale! sky challenger

    Polanik Sky Challenger Javelin

    £135.00£178.00 £121.50£160.20 (inc. VAT £145.80)
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  • Sale! air flyer 1

    Polanik Air Flyer Javelin

    £56.00£113.00 £53.20£107.35 (inc. VAT £63.84)
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  • 514cZozEgBL._SL1000_

    Polanik Class T Javelin

    £54.00£77.50 (inc. VAT £64.80)
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  • Sk javelin

    Polanik Class SK Javelin

    £42.00£62.50 (inc. VAT £50.40)
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  • polanik-class-r-training-javelin-rubber-head-f40

    Polanik Class R Javelin

    £38.00£47.50 (inc. VAT £45.60)
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  • Javeline practice ball (3)

    Javelin Throwing Balls

    £5.00£7.50 (inc. VAT £6.00)
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  • Cantabrian-Javelin-Gauge

    Cantabrian Javelin Gauge

    £300.00 (inc. VAT £360.00)
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  • FinnFlier

    FinnFlier Javelin

    £50.00£230.00 (inc. VAT £60.00)
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  • SilverEagle Training Javelin

    SilverEagle Training Javelin

    £46.50£215.00 (inc. VAT £55.80)
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  • RedHawk-copy

    Redhawk Training Javelin

    £45.00£210.00 (inc. VAT £54.00)
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  • jav5 web

    JAV Trainer Pro

    £22.00£115.00 (inc. VAT £26.40)
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  • 101137 Bull Nosed Javelin [Converted]

    Bull Nosed Javelins

    £12.09£183.96 (inc. VAT £14.51)
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  • 600g Long Turbo Javelin PAK web

    Long Turbo Javelin

    £34.56£380.00 (inc. VAT £41.47)
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  • 400g turbo jav

    Turbo Javelins

    £25.59£289.18 (inc. VAT £30.71)
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  • 101530 Mini Foam Javelin [Converted]

    Mini Foam Javelins

    £7.13£74.10 (inc. VAT £8.56)
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  • FinnFlier-Bag-Open

    Finnflier carry bag

    £35.25 (inc. VAT £42.30)
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  • JB2

    Javelin Bag

    £25.00 (inc. VAT £30.00)
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  • Cantabrian Pro Javelin Trolley

    Cantabrian Pro Javelin Trolley

    £265.20 (inc. VAT £318.24)
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  • Polanik Javelin Rack

    Polanik Javelin Rack

    £91.11£169.97 (inc. VAT £109.33)
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  • Notched Javelin Balls

    Notched Javelin Balls

    £12.00£13.00 (inc. VAT £14.40)
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  • New-Spier-Javs-700g

    Spier Turbo Javelins

    £51.60£54.83 (inc. VAT £61.92)
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  • image description

    Polanik Measuring Sets

    £170.84£4,046.25 (inc. VAT £205.01)
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  • JTU_b web

    Polanik Javelin Tube

    £76.33 (inc. VAT £91.60)
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  • Nerf-Vortex-Mega-Howler-orange

    Vortex Mega Howler

    £12.48 (inc. VAT £14.98)
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  • Cantabrian Throw Aids

    Cantabrian Throw Aid

    £21.89£29.29 (inc. VAT £26.27)
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At Athletics Direct we stock the highest quality Javelins for use in competitions, in schools and whilst training.

Our competition range includes the Polanik Full Carbon Javelin, designed specifically for long distance throws, for use in high-level competitions.Our other competition Javelins include; the Space Master, a unique, eye-catching Javelin, the Sky Challenger and the Air Flyer, all off which are built with durability and performance in mind.

Our school range includes the Polanik Class SK and Class R, both of which are ideal for children at beginner’s level.  The rubber head of the Class R provides extra safety for use around younger children. Our training range includes the JAV Tainer Pro. Built from fibreglass and reinforced plastic this Javelin offers a similar flight and feel to a standard Javelin, with the additional safety features required to make it ideal for training purposes. This range also includes the Polanik Class T, a versatile Javelin that is suitable for any ability, ideal for improving technique. It can also be used in competitions at beginners level. We also provide a range of accessories including trolleys, racks, bags and measuring sets, giving you everything you need to train and compete.

The majority of our Javelins come in a variety of weights ranging from 300g to 800g.
Click on the individual products below to see which weights we have in stock. Below shows the theoretical distance rating for the Polanik Competition Javelin Range. This is how far the Javelins can be theoretically thrown, however Javelins can travel beyond there theoretical range if thrown hard enough. It is recommended not to buy a javelin that is to far above your PB throwing distances as it is better progress will be made working in stages.

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