Infant Agility Kit – Combined 12 Mat Set

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This 12 mat kit encourages class participation and allows infants to take part in many different core skills activities. The kit includes:

3 Red Infant Mats, 3 Yellow Infant Mats, 3 Green Infant Mats, 3 Blue Infant Mats, 3 Red Infant Wedges, 3 Yellow Infant Wedges, 3 Green Infant Wedges, 3 Blue Infant Wedges, 12 Connectors, 12 Pyramid Cotton Bean Bags, 20 Flexible Marker Discs, 3 4-Mat Storage Boxes & Lids, 8 Mini Bull Nosed Javelins, 8 Large Skittles, 8 Small Skittles, 8 Footballs Size 3, 8 Tennis Balls, Eveque Stopwatch, Squeezy Whistle, Resource Pack, Wheelie Storage Box, 4 Skipper Hoops.

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