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Discus Spin

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  • Sale! Rubber Discus

    Polanik TRIAL Super Soft Rubber Training Discus

    £44.81 £31.37 (inc. VAT £37.64)
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  • WA & IAAF Steel Hammer/Discus Cage supplied by Cantabrian

    Call for Price
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  • Hyper Spin Discus

    Cantabrian Hyper Spin Discus

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  • Super Spin Discus

    Cantabrian Super Spin Competition Discus

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  • Hi Spin Discus

    Cantabrian Hi Spin Discus

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  • Low Spin Competition Discus

    Cantabrian Low Spin Discus

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  • Cantabrian Challanger Discus

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  • Cantabrian Rubber Discus

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  • Polanik Carbon Competition Discus

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  • Polanik Competition High Spin Discus

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  • Cantabrian Discus Bag

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  • Polanik Discus Bags

    Polanik Discus Bags

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  • Multi Throwing Event Carry Bag

    Polanik Hammer/Shot or Discus Bag

    £30.36 (inc. VAT £36.43)
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  • Cantabrian Discus Trolley

    £388.08 (inc. VAT £465.70)
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  • Polanik Discus Rack

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  • Polanik Discus Storage Rack

    Polanik Discus Storage Rack

    £1,190.65 (inc. VAT £1,428.78)
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  • IAAF Certified Polanik Aluminium Discus/Hammer Cage

    Call for Price
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  • Polanik Discus Cage

    IAAF Polanik Discus Cage

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  • Polanik Throwing Circle Cover

    £1,259.70 (inc. VAT £1,511.64)
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  • Portable Discus Throwing Circle

    Call for Price
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  • Cantabrian Throwing Circles

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  • Implement Certification Gauge Set

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  • Polanik Combo Racks

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Discus Throw Equipment

At Athletics Direct we stock the highest quality Discus Throw Equipment for use in both competitions and whilst training.

Our competition range includes a number of high quality Discus from Polanik including the Carbon, Plastic and Plywood Competition ranges. All of the Polanik competition discuses are IAAF certified and built with quality and performance in mind, to give great results on the Athletics field.

We are also the official supplier of Cantabrian Discus including the Cantabrian Black Super Spin and Cantabrian Hyper Spin Discus. These are all high quality competition discuses, sold at great prices.

We also stock four different training discuses from Polanik and Cantabrian. This includes the standard low spin discus, adjustable, super soft and rubber discus from both brands. The adjustable allows for an increase in weight, perfect for those developing their ability over time. The super soft is ideal for indoor training and is suitable for use by younger children.

We also stock a primary school discus pack, which is ideal for teaching primary school children.

Most of our discuses are available in a range of different weights. Click on the individual product page below to see which weights we have in stock.

A variety of accessories are also available including bags, trolleys and racks.