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Hammer Throw

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  • Polanik Stainless Steel Hammers

    Polanik Stainless Steel Hammers

    £90.24£119.04 (inc. VAT £108.29)
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  • Polanik Competition Steel Hammers

    Polanik Competition Steel Hammers

    £60.00£98.40 (inc. VAT £72.00)
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  • Cantabrian Stainless Steel Hammer

    Cantabrian Stainless Steel Hammer

    £78.00£98.80 (inc. VAT £93.60)
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  • Cantabrian Olympic Steel Hammer

    Cantabrian Olympic Steel Hammer

    £43.68£62.40 (inc. VAT £52.42)
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  • Club hammer low res

    Cantabrian Club Competiton Hammer

    £26.00£43.68 (inc. VAT £31.20)
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  • Cantabrian Training Hammer

    Cantabrian Training Hammers

    £20.80£31.20 (inc. VAT £24.96)
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  • Training H

    Polanik Steel Training Hammers

    £45.89£75.28 (inc. VAT £55.07)
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  • mdh120b

    Polanik Hammer Measuring Device

    £195.14 (inc. VAT £234.17)
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  • spalaX2010151

    Hammer Concentric Circles

    £240.00£462.00 (inc. VAT £288.00)
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  • TW15

    Polanik Training Hammer Weights

    £75.95 (inc. VAT £91.14)
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  • TW1

    Polanik Steel Throwing Weights

    £80.64£201.60 (inc. VAT £96.77)
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  • IMG_1863

    Chain Hammer

    £26.00£46.80 (inc. VAT £31.20)
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  • _MGL4991 copy

    Cantabrian Hammer Bag

    £14.56 (inc. VAT £17.47)
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  • _MGL5478

    Cantabrian Hammer Gloves

    £9.88 (inc. VAT £11.86)
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  • polanikglove3

    Polanik Hammer Gloves

    £16.32 (inc. VAT £19.58)
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  • polanik_115mm_hammer_handle-500x500

    Polanik Hammer Handles

    £15.02 (inc. VAT £18.02)
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  • Hammer Handles

    Standard Hammer Handle

    £6.24 (inc. VAT £7.49)
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  • PM-xxx

    Polanik Hammer Wires

    £8.16 (inc. VAT £9.79)
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    Standard Hammer Wires

    £3.64 (inc. VAT £4.37)
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  • Polanik Swivels

    Spare Polanik Hammer Swivels

    £11.52 (inc. VAT £13.82)
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  • Hammer Key

    Hammer Swivel Key

    £18.72 (inc. VAT £22.46)
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  • HR-12-W

    Polanik Hammer Racks

    £95.04£172.80 (inc. VAT £114.05)
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  • image_0

    IAAF Certified Polanik Aluminium Discus/Hammer Cage

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  • P1010808

    IAAF Steel Hammer/Discus Cage supplied by Cantabrian

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  • UKA Hammer Cage

    Cantabrian UKA Hammer/Discus Throwing Cage

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  • Multi Throwing Event Carry Bag

    Polanik Hammer/Shot or Discus Bag

    £28.37 (inc. VAT £34.04)
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  • RJ-C-D1

    Cantabrian Throwing Circles

    £230.48£252.53 (inc. VAT £276.58)
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  • image description

    Polanik Measuring Sets

    £170.84£4,046.25 (inc. VAT £205.01)
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  • CR-4-W

    Polanik Combo Racks

    £189.12£271.68 (inc. VAT £226.94)
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  • skm2.jpg web

    Polanik Transport Case for Hammers

    £298.87 (inc. VAT £358.64)
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  • DSC00022.jpg web

    Cantabrian Hammer Trolley

    £265.20 (inc. VAT £318.24)
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  • 101570 101572 101574 Indoor Hammers

    Indoor Hammer

    £16.80£19.55 (inc. VAT £20.16)
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  • Cantabrian Throw Aids

    Cantabrian Throw Aid

    £21.89£29.29 (inc. VAT £26.27)
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Hammer Throw

At Athletics Direct we stock the highest quality Track and Field Hammer Throw equipment for use in competitions and whilst training.

Our competition range of track and field hammers includes a wide selection from both Polanik and Cantabrian. Polanik hammers are world renowned for their quality and we can offer various weight and diameters in Brass, Stainless Steel and Competition Steel. All Polanik hammers feature a galvanised steel swivel and are built with quality and performance in mind. They also come with the Polanik Hammer Bag as standard. See also our Cantabrian competition hammer which is ideal for Athletes competing at any level.

We also offer a number of different track and field hammers solely for training, including our Sports Hall range, the Primary School Hammer Pack and Indoor Hammer, ideal for teaching young children at beginners level. All of our hammers include wires and handles and are available in a range of sizes. Click on the individual products below to see which weights we have in stock.

Our track and field hammer accessories include; spare swivels, gloves, trolleys, wires, handles, throwing circles and even cages. This gives you everything you need to train and compete.

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