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Pole Vault

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  • pole vault mat

    Cantabrian Pole Vault Mat

    £6,300.00£9,454.20 (inc. VAT £7,560.00)
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  • Dima Pole Vault Landing Area

    IAAF Dima International Pole Vault Landing Area

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  • DSC00906.jpg web

    Cantabrian Pole Vault PVC Raincovers

    £630.00£780.00 (inc. VAT £756.00)
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  • IMG_2324 web

    Pole Vault Wheel Away Cover

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  • IMG_0940-web

    Galvanised Steel Platform for Pole Vault

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  • pallet base

    Wooden Base Platform

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  • Pole Vault Upright Protectors

    Pole Vault Upright Protectors

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  • Foldable Pole Vault Uprights

    Dima Aluminium Foldable Pole Vault Uprights

    £3,700.00 (inc. VAT £4,440.00)
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  • 14451-001

    Dima Aluminium Pole Vault Uprights

    £3,400.00 (inc. VAT £4,080.00)
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  • Dima Stadium Pole Vault Uprights

    Dima Complete Stadium Pole Vault Uprights

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  • Dima Competiton Pole Vault Base

    Dima Competiton Pole Vault Base

    £850.00 (inc. VAT £1,020.00)
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  • Placeholder

    ARH Olympic Pole Vault Uprights

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  • Placeholder

    ARH International Pole Vault Uprights

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  • Placeholder

    ARH Club Pole Vault Uprights

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  • Placeholder

    ARH Pole Vault Upright Enclosed Bases

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  • pole vault uprights

    Polanik Pole Vault Uprights

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  • DIMA Pole Vault Crossbar

    DIMA Pole Vault Crossbar

    £105.00 (inc. VAT £126.00)
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  • F4S-73

    Cantabrian Competiton Crossbars

    £47.00£55.00 (inc. VAT £56.40)
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  • Foam Elastic Cross Bar

    Foam Elastic Crossbar

    £10.40 (inc. VAT £12.48)
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  • Spike Proof Wearsheets

    Replacement Spike Proof Wearsheets

    £1,080.45£2,623.95 (inc. VAT £1,296.54)
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  • Runway Markers (5)

    Cantabrian Runway Markers

    £2.08 (inc. VAT £2.50)
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  • Replacement foam

    Replacment Foam for High Jump and Pole Vault

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  • PV Box Collar low res

    Pole Vault Box Collar

    £195.00 (inc. VAT £234.00)
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  • dima pv handle low res

    Handle for Dima Pole Vault Uprights

    £40.00 (inc. VAT £48.00)
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  • Cantabrian -HG1 telescopic heighy gauge2 web

    Telescopic Height Gauge

    £221.55£366.45 (inc. VAT £265.86)
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  • Telescopic Crossbar Placer

    Telescopic Crossbar Placer

    £231.84 (inc. VAT £278.21)
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  • 527527_PacerOne_Pole

    Gill Pacer One Pole Vault Pole

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  • 732501_PacerFX_Pole

    Gill Pacer FX Vaulting Pole

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  • Gill Mystic

    Gill Pacer Mystic Vaulting Poles

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  • 110090_Skypole

    Gill Skypole Vaulting Poles

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  • 10080-008CANTABRIAN

    Cantabrian Pole Vault Training Pole

    £50.00 (inc. VAT £60.00)
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  • vaulting pole tips

    Gill Vaulting Pole Tips

    £14.00 (inc. VAT £16.80)
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  • 700260_Pole_Grip_Tape

    Pole Vault Grip Tape

    £6.00 (inc. VAT £7.20)
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  • (PC-S0438) Vaulting PoleCrossbar Cart.jpg web

    Polanik Vaulting Pole/Crossbar Cart

    £362.88 (inc. VAT £435.46)
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  • push on mat - low res

    Spike Proof Push on Mat

    £400.00 (inc. VAT £480.00)
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  • (PR-S300) Pole Rack web

    Polanik Pole Rack

    £82.08£156.48 (inc. VAT £98.50)
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  • Sale! IMG_0713 web

    Dima Pole Vaulting Pole Bag

    £103.20 £60.00 (inc. VAT £72.00)
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  • Super Heavy Duty Mat Trolley

    Large Flat Bed Trolley

    £700.00 (inc. VAT £840.00)
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  • pvt 1

    Pole Vault Troughs

    £107.64£395.58 (inc. VAT £129.17)
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Athletics Direct supply a complete and full range of Pole Vault Equipment.

Our Cantabrian Pole Vault Landing Areas are all manufactured in-house at our factory in Greater Manchester. This allows us to offer extreme;ly competitive prices and also guarantee great quality. The landing areas range from school level quality to UKA specification to fully IAAF compliant. By manufacturing these mats ourselves we can pay the upmost attention to detail and offer quick and direct customer service. We have supplied numerous clubs and stadiums throughout the UK with great customer satisfaction.

Athletics Direct also have a great selection of Pole Vault stands and uprights. We hold a selection of Dima uprights and also Polanik ones. These are all made to very high specifications and some are IAAF certified.

There is also a lot of crossbars and accessories. This covers anything from runway markers, to storage & transportation items, to crossbars themselves.

And of course, we have a range of Gill Pole Vault Poles.


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