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Shot Puts

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  • Stainless Steel shot put

    Polanik Stainless Steel Shot Put

    £86.88£113.28 (inc. VAT £104.26)
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  • Competition Steel Shot Put

    Polanik Steel Competition Shot Puts

    £35.04£64.80 (inc. VAT £42.05)
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  • stainless steel shot puts

    Cantabrian Stainless Steel Shot Puts

    £41.08£73.01 (inc. VAT £49.30)
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  • Sale! Cantabrian Olympic Steel Shot Puts

    Cantabrian Olympic Steel Shot Puts

    £30.68£46.80 £8.00£46.80 (inc. VAT £9.60)
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  • Sale! Competition Iron Shot

    Cantabrian Competiton Iron Shot Puts

    £20.80£38.48 £6.00£38.48 (inc. VAT £7.20)
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  • Sale! Club Turned Shot

    Cantabrian Club Turned Shot Puts

    £12.48£28.60 £4.00£28.60 (inc. VAT £4.80)
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  • Sale! VDL 60

    Trial Indoor Competition Shot Puts

    £34.79£78.46 £11.50£78.46 (inc. VAT £13.80)
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  • IMG_8082-Edit

    Cantabrian Indoor Training Shot Put

    £16.15£57.49 (inc. VAT £19.38)
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  • POLANIK - folder A4 - PL - 01_10_2013 - SPRZET - DRUK_(s1-s53)

    Polanik Steel Training Shot Puts

    £42.00£50.88 (inc. VAT £41.47)
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  • Shotput Bag.jpg web

    Cantabrian Shot Put Bag

    £8.32 (inc. VAT £9.98)
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  • Multi Throwing Event Carry Bag

    Polanik Hammer/Shot or Discus Bag

    £28.37 (inc. VAT £34.04)
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  • SR-24-W

    Polanik Shot Put Racks

    £95.04£192.96 (inc. VAT £114.05)
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  • shot trol2

    Cantabrian Shot Put Trolley

    £265.00 (inc. VAT £318.00)
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  • str24-foto14

    Polanik Shot Put Rack

    £751.68 (inc. VAT £902.02)
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  • RJ-C-D1

    Cantabrian Throwing Circles

    £230.48£252.53 (inc. VAT £276.58)
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  • pow2001

    Polanik Shot Put Return Channel

    £768.00 (inc. VAT £921.60)
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  • prog009.jpg web

    Polanik Competition Shot Put Toe Boards

    £155.52 (inc. VAT £186.62)
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  • prog001

    Polanik Training Shot Put Toe Boards

    £71.52 (inc. VAT £85.82)
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  • image description

    Polanik Measuring Sets

    £170.84£4,046.25 (inc. VAT £205.01)
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  • 0_0_productGfx_806c25ab075dfe50625cbc6054df1e93

    Polanik Indoor Shot Put Barriers

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  • CR-4-W

    Polanik Combo Racks

    £189.12£271.68 (inc. VAT £226.94)
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  • IMG_62304dpi 300

    Polanik Indoor Shot Put Mat

    £480.65 (inc. VAT £576.78)
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  • IMG_29074dpi 300

    Polanik Indoor Throwing Area with Circle and Competiton Toe Board

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Shot Puts

At Athletics Direct we stock the highest quality Shot Puts for use in competitions and whilst training. Our competition range includes the Polanik Brass, Stainless Steel and Competition Steel Shot Puts. Both the Brass and Stainless Steel models have been certified by the IAAF, making them ideal for competition, across a variety of different levels.

Also available is our new Cantabrian range of competition shots which are suitable for any athletes from beginners to professionals. These quality competition shots are expertly manufactured to ensure the most accurate weight and diameter and are great value for money.

Our training range includes various types of shot from both Polanik and Cantabrian, such as the Cantabrian Cast iron training shot and indoor PVC shot which are our best sellers.

The majority of our Shot Puts come in a variety of standard weights and diameters. Click on the individual products below to see which weights we have in stock.

A variety of shot put accessories are also available including; bags, trolleys, throwing circles, toe boards, racks and indoor mats. This gives you everything you need to train and compete.

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