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  • KS1 Equipment

    KS1 Equipment Set Large 14 Pieces

    £1,621.11 (inc. VAT £1,945.33)
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  • Upright Lockable Storage Trolley Small 2

    Mesh Lockable Storage Trolley (Small)

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  • Urban Fitness Medicine Ball

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  • Jordan Classic Rubber Dumbbells

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  • Jordan Classic Rubber Barbells Curl Bars

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  • Jordan Classic Rubber Barbells Straight Sets

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  • Jordan Classic Rubber Dumbbells Sets

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  • Jordan Hexagonal Urethane Dumbbell Set

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  • Jordan Hexagonal Urethane Dumbell

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  • Classic Premium Rubber Olympic Discs

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  • Calibrated Colour Rubber Competition Plate

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  • HG Coloured Rubber Bumper Plates

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  • Neoprene Covered Kettlebell

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  • Soft Cable Handle

    £23.80 (inc. VAT £28.56)
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  • Cable Attachments

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  • Cable Attachment Rack

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  • Cast Iron Kettlebells

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  • Leather ankle straps

    £36.19 (inc. VAT £43.43)
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  • Studio barbell 30mm bar

    £35.00 (inc. VAT £42.00)
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  • 30mm Spring collars (pair)

    £10.50 (inc. VAT £12.60)
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  • Slam Balls

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  • Wall Ball (Oversized Medicine Ball)

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  • Sandball Extreme

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  • Sandbag Pro & Rack

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  • Jordan TufNut

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  • Weight Vests

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  • Training Ropes

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  • Power Bands

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  • Rubber Roll Flooring

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  • Activ Fleck Flooring – 15mm

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  • Activ Fleck Flooring – 30mm

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  • Activ Flooring

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  • Activ Flooring – Interlocking Tiles

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  • Jordan Sprint Tracks

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  • Studio Barbell Clamp Collar 30mm (Pair)

    £24.78 (inc. VAT £29.74)
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  • Studio Barbell Quick Lock Collar 30mm (pair)

    £21.84 (inc. VAT £26.21)
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  • Kettlebell Racks

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  • Studio Barbell Racks

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  • Training Rope Storage Point

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  • Wall Mounted Chin Bar

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  • Pacer Composite Pole Vault Pole

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When you think of gym equipment, the first thing that comes to mind is a dumbbell. They are the bread and butter of the fitness world. We are proud to say that despite offering the familiar functionality, our Jordan Dumbbells are truly something special. We have carefully designed each range of Jordan Dumbbell to avoid damages, to maximise your workout and to look amazing in your facility. Not only have we created something of great quality with a timeless finish, we offer them at a competitive price.
A great way to create a sleek and consistent finish in any gym facility is to kit it out with full sets of equipment! It sounds simple but we all know that a gym looks great with a full set of dumbbells! We have made the process easier for you by offering ready-made Jordan Dumbbell Sets to fit your needs, For those more specific needs, you can call us to create your very own bespoke set.