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Starting Blocks

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  • Cantabrian Pro Aluminium Starting Blocks

  • Cantabrian Olympus Starting Blocks

    £131.15 (inc. VAT £157.38)
  • Cantabrian School II Starting Blocks

    £41.33 (inc. VAT £49.60)
  • Competition Aluminum Starting Block

    Polanik Competition Aluminum Starting Block

    £204.15 (inc. VAT £244.98)
  • Steel starting blocks

    Polanik Competition Steel Starting Blocks

    £117.12 (inc. VAT £140.54)
  • Polanik Starting Block Rack

    £363.44 (inc. VAT £436.13)
  • Polanik Starting Block Rack

    £205.84 (inc. VAT £247.01)
  • Rubber Starting Blocks

    £16.53 (inc. VAT £19.84)
  • Cantabrian Starting Block Bag

  • Replacement Running Spikes

    Replacement Running Spikes

  • Spike key

    £3.05 (inc. VAT £3.66)

Starting Blocks
Athletics Direct supply a great range of Starting Blocks. Within the range there are products made for competitions, training purposes and for schools.

If you are looking for an IAAF certified starting block then our Polanik ones are perfect. There is one made from Aluminum and one from steel. The aluminum one is much lighter and therefore easier to transport around. The steel one is great for heavier and stronger athletes.

Our in-house brand, Cantabrian, covers all possible options. From various weight, foot plate sizes, central bar sizes there really is an option for everyone. These also meet competition specifications.