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Starting Equipment

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  • airhorn

    Hand Held Air Horn

    £11.33 (inc. VAT £13.60)
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  • BFR380 olympic 5.2 web

    Olympic 5 Starter Pistol .380

    £70.00 (inc. VAT £84.00)
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  • BFR22 olympic 6.1 web

    Olympic 6 Starter Pistol .22

    £39.00 (inc. VAT £46.80)
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  • 2S9A3386

    8mm Blanks

    £16.75 (inc. VAT £20.10)
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  • 2S9A3380

    .380 (9mm) Blanks

    £17.30 (inc. VAT £20.76)
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  • 2S9A3392

    Pack of 100 .22 (6mm) Blanks

    £10.80£14.00 (inc. VAT £12.96)
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  • seiko-ps110

    Electronic Gun Start System

    £1,666.00 (inc. VAT £1,999.20)
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  • 010044 mechanical clapper.jpg web

    Mechanical Starter Clapper

    £32.13 (inc. VAT £38.56)
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  • VSCP-100 starter clapper.jpg web

    Cantabrian Starter Clapper

    £29.12 (inc. VAT £34.94)
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  • lynx-reactime-training

    Reactime Training System

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  • starters stand

    Polanik Starter’s Stand

    £260.16 (inc. VAT £312.19)
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  • Cantabrian Starters Rostrum

    Cantabrian Starters Rostrum

    £271.50 (inc. VAT £325.80)
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  • VLM-200 Cantab Lane marker web

    Cantabrian Club Lane Marker

    £325.00 (inc. VAT £390.00)
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  • RJ-LR1 Cantabrian lap counter

    Cantabrian Lap Recorder

    £238.00 (inc. VAT £285.60)
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  • Lap Counter

    Polanik Lap Counter with Bell

    £415.20 (inc. VAT £498.24)
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  • 010070-1


    £72.45 (inc. VAT £86.94)
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  • 010076-1

    Mini Megaphones

    £59.79 (inc. VAT £71.75)
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Athletics Direct supply a full range of Starting Equipment.

Our hugely popular range of starting guns and blanks are a bestseller all year round. All items are priced very competitively and also offer great quality in their design and functioning. We also have megaphones to get your voice heard and starter clappers as well.

We also supply lane and lap products such as lane markers for competitions and also lap recorders for competitions as well.

On top of this we also supply starters rostrums and stands. These are all available to purchase directly online.

We do a full range of starting blocks, these have their own separate category on the website which you will be able to find here.


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